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Dec 22, 2020

In this week's episode, we discuss our personal reflections of the now historic year 2020, and our New Year’s reflections moving forward into 2021. Listen as we talk about the impact of Tiger King on your psyche and well being, what we have had to endure, and positive coping skills that we use to get through these tough times. Dive in as we discuss the finding moments of clarity and affirmation, and how everything eventually comes to the surface.

And you know what?! We launched our podcast in 2020!!! Dreams do come true!!! Boom!!! #TAPT

Don’t worry, about a thing...

Key takeaways from this episode:

1. Think about the work that you have been doing, either with a therapist or through self-therapeutic practices, and how can you take it to the next level. What do you need to feel validated as a person and as a clinician? How can you help clients go deeper in session?

2. We are pretty damn resilient. Lean into using and accessing positive coping skills in 2021. This may mean continuing to engage in simple self-care, practicing patience, or maintaining faith in the face of adversity. We are a strong people and together we can get through it.

4. How are you going to remember this year and how will you put it into perspective? It could be the remembrance of welcoming a new baby nephew, going back to school to advance your career, or by moving to a new country for a new beginning.

5. As always, what are the action steps? Resolutions are synonymous with action steps. Choose 1-2 things to focus on and move into action. Built the habit first and build momentum to be active. Focus on Reconnection, reflection, repair, rejuvenation, and renew. Do the work.

6. Ask yourself: What is one word to describe the theme of 2020 for you?

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