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Feb 4, 2020

This is a TAPT disclaimer. We wouldn't be therapists if we didn't have a disclaimer.

This podcast is unconventional and we're going to talk openly, frankly and honestly in a way that therapists don't usually share out in the open.

We also use extreme language, the kind of language you don’t normally expect therapists to use. We will say off the wall stuff and this is an uncensored show. We are raw and we do cuss (sometimes). So please be mindful of your sensitivities to assess if this podcast is for you.

Keep in mind this is not a replacement for therapy or treatment. If something comes up for you during the show, please seek out professional supports.

This podcast is also a lived perspective from three women of color. Which means the content and experiences we share stem from those lenses. If you're easily offended this may not be for you.

Don't take yourselves too seriously and enjoy the content!