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Mar 25, 2020

In this week's episode, we tackle the complexities of dating in 2020 by sharing our thoughts about Netflix’s hit reality show called Love Is Blind.

Listen as we discuss the highlights of the super speedy dating process and unconventional social experiment, the ways in which healthy and toxic examples of love show up for the cast, and how the final couples navigate life together outside of the pods. Dive in as we discuss how relationships act as mirrors. Thank you for “forcing” us to watch this show, Sabeen!

Key takeaways from this episode include:
1. Recognizing patterns and interrupting negative patterns in your life is crucial to developing and maintaining relationships. This includes awareness of childhood experiences and attachment style.

2. Do the work. Start conversations about the show. Discover who you are, how you want to show up in the world and how you want and need to communicate and partner with someone else.

3. The world is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves and how we feel inside. Look inward, identify changes and make that transformation.

4. Have you encountered someone like Carlton or Jessica in your personal life? Reflect back on your dating experiences and how you have managed your feelings and interactions with folks that needed more clinical support.

5. Kenny is a solid dude. A solid dude. Good luck Kenny!

Until next time, remember to live, laugh, love and keep it real.

-Frantzces, Sabeen and Tonika :)

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