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Oct 13, 2020

In this week's episode, we discuss our obsession with social media and how it impacts our lives. Listen as we talk about the Tik Tok rabbit hole, how we discovered the term “doomscrolling” and why we both love and hate social media.

Dive in as we discuss our choices about who we follow and the impact of daily usage on our psyches, creepy algorithms, and giving up your right to privacy. You too, TAPT followers, should be obsessed with cat videos.

Which social media platforms help you think, escape, laugh, and dance? We love @embracingblackculture @iamtabithabrown
@djnice @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch @coffeemeetsbagel @overheardquarentinelife @glennondoyle

Key takeaways from this episode:

1. You have choices about the types of platforms that you use and which accounts you choose to follow. Using social media to connect and engage with people is the original intent behind many platforms. So focus on that and your “doomscrolling” with be justified, right?

2. There are probably more positive reasons to use social media than negative reasons. Many people use social media to gain access to news and information around the world. Information and knowledge is power.

3. Now we are forced to “live online” for work and school purposes. Do not forget to take screen breaks by getting up and moving around and stretching. Also, do those blue light blocking lenses really work?! The jury is still out on this one but it will not hurt to buy a cheap pair and test them out.

4. Is it possible to erase your digital footprint? If you buy anything online’s too late. No seriously if you’re willing to put time and money into hiring someone to help you then give it a shot.

5. You can’t follow Tonika’s personal page but follow her public page @ms_claiborneinthebldg as she documents this unprecedented year in education and counseling. :)

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Until next time, remember to live, laugh, love, and keep it real.
-Frantzces, Sabeen and Tonika :)